Welcome to Dizayn Thailand. We're provided german standard PPR pipe

Dizayn PPR Fittings, provide 30% decrease in friction forces thanks to their unique and compact designs.

No more leakage! Thanks to molecule bond between two materials.

Do you have any pipe problem? We have solution to every problem with Dizayn Technology!

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Absolute Impermeability

turns metal and plastic into one material.

Low Pressure Losses

By optimizing fitting designs, local loss coefficients are lowered by 30%...

Fast Welding

By the production of PPR pipes with a knurled surface as a first in the world, the surface pushed through the screw plate is reduced.

Clean Welding

Dizayn fittings are designed in conical shape and the melting material is prevented to accumulate inside the welding area.

Metals with Lowered Fragility

By rising the ratio of copper, which gains softness to metals, by 8.6%, the risk of break in metals is lowered.

No more cracking pipes

HI-TECH PPR Pipes absorb impact force via its knurled surface design, provides 30% more impact endurance than the regular pipes.